Our Gallery

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  1. Grand Opening
    Grand Opening
    Grand Opening of Southern Prairie Railway at Ogema Fair day 2012
  2. Ribbon Cutting
    Ribbon Cutting
    Southern Prairie Railway officially opens for business
  3. Riding the rails
    Riding the rails
    A view down the tracks
  4. Waiting to depart
    Waiting to depart
  5. Homeward Bound
    Homeward Bound
    Our train chugs down the tracks towards the Ogema Station
  6. Merv's Pitchfork Fondue
    Merv's Pitchfork Fondue
    Merv preparing his famous pitchfork fondue for our guests
  7. A rainy but memorable day
    A rainy but memorable day
    The train prepares to depart on a blustery day
  8. Number 15
    Number 15
    Guests admire our feature locomotive
  9. Station Yard
    Station Yard
    The sun sets on our beatifully kept station yard
  10. All Aboard
    All Aboard
    Guests are treated to the history of our locomotive, train car and the local area
  11. Kickoff
    On lookers await the arrival of the train for the first time
  12. Grand Opening
    Grand Opening
    Our locomotive prepares to pass the threshold, officially launching Southern Prairie Railway