Board of Directors

Meet the board members of Ogema Heritage Railway Association. OHRA are a charitable heritage museum who oversees Southern Prairie Railway
  1. Roger Farr
    Roger was raised on a farm in the Ogema area and is now retired. He owns and resides on the original Farr Family Homestead, (settled in 1908 by his grandparents). During his formative years, he provided for his own family by farming and supplemented the farm income by moving buildings with his father and working in the oil-patch industry in Alberta. He set up his own Oil-field Scouting business (employing 6 staff). Roger does what he loves to do best – volunteering wherever is needed. He is a director on the boards of the Deep South Pioneer Museum and the Ogema Heritage Railway Association. Buying and selling antiques is a lifelong passion. Roger operates Ogema Oilfield Investments Ltd. ( a consulting company promoting sales and joint ventures to clients in the oil industry).
  2. Jon Struthers
    Jon was born and raised in Ogema and has a background in Marketing and Business Development, currently working at SaskTel. Married to Nicole, they both enjoy contributing to the community in any way possible, including event planning and fundraising. Jon is active in the community and enjoys playing hockey, ball, golf and curling. Jon has been on the board of Ogema Heritage Railway Association since 2010. He believes that creating the first tourist railway in Saskatchewan is great for Ogema, the southern region and the entire province. The amount of work that has gone into this project is incredible, and he can’t wait to see the great results! Southern Prairie Railway offers a unique destination that everyone needs to experience.
  3. Carol Prentice (Chair)
    Carol Peterson has been involved with the Ogema Heritage Railway Association since the dream began in 1998. Carol is Vice-President of the Deep South Pioneer Museum in Ogema and is currently a Board member of the Museums Association of Saskatchewan. Carol is also co-chair of the Ogema Heritage Railway Association. She has been on Ogema Town Council for 13 years and has promoted Ogema at the municipal, provincial, national and international levels. Carol was part of the three person committee that traveled to Dongguan, China for the LivCom Award where Ogema received the Heritage Conservation award in 2008. Ms. Peterson is involved in many boards in her community and is also on the Advisory Council for the Protocol Office and on the South Central Enterprise Region. Ms. Peterson owns Ogema Agencies (1995) Inc. as well as the Ogema Car Wash and Ogema Storage Units. Ms. Peterson believes that these are stimulating times in our province and is excited about being part of an exciting and progressive Saskatchewan by being involved in her community and the train tour.
  4. Kyle Leonard
    Kyle was born and raised in the Ogema area and has a background in business administration and civil engineering technology. Kyle has been involved with community events from a young age and has taken a keen interest in history and the prairie pioneer experience. Having visited other tourist railways and museums, Kyle has seen the benefits these attractions bring to a community and looks forward to working with the community of Ogema and surrounding areas to make this dream a reality.
  5. Kevin Klemenz
    Kevin Klemenz has farmed near Horizon, Saskatchewan since 1977. He is married to Myla and they have four children and two grandchildren. He has served on the Viceroy Coop Board, the Bengough Skating Rink and Sask Wheat Pool Board. He is also a chairperson for Horizon Ag Co-op. He has negotiated and purchased two elevators from Sask Wheat Pool. He is also chairperson for Horizon Church Community Centre. The two elevators and church have been designated Heritage Sites. Kevin is one of the founding directors of Red Coat Road and Rail, which was the second shortline established in Saskatchewan. He has been on the Red Coat Road and Rail board since 1999 and was president for twelve years. Kevin has been on the board of Ogema Heritage Railway Association since 2010. Kevin believes that the Red Coat Road and Rail is a vital part of our community and that the Ogema Heritage Railway Association and the train tour will help keep the rail line viable.
  6. Ed Howse
    Ed is one of the four founding directors of Red Coat Road & Rail, and has been kind of a train nut ever since. The Ogema Heritage Railway venture is very exciting and enjoyable. In his day job he is an organic farmer with grain and cattle. Ed is married to Arlene and has 3 adult children. Ed has been a community person forever.